Inspired by The Wall, The Wall of Hope Challenge is a simple but powerful plan to create a new culture of life in America.

Our goal is to provide the financial and human resources so that pregnancy help centers, and the Wall of Hope they are building at more than 2500 locations across the country, become the first choice for all who face unplanned pregnancies.

At these centers those facing unplanned pregnancies find practical support, help and hope; whether they should choose single parenting, co-parenting, marriage or adoption.

As a natural result of strengthening these centers then, fewer and fewer women and men will find a reason to choose abortion.

Our Goal

is to raise


in new annual funding
for pregnancy help centers
across America



in additional annual funding for each PHC in the United States

Will help fund...

Well-equipped medical facilities

Effective, practical support

Full staffing

And much more

We can build
The Wall of Hope

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About the Book

At a time when many pro-life Americans are discouraged by a political and cultural climate which defends and promotes abortion, The Wall offers incredible hope and a powerful plan to create a societal shift toward life.

Though we’ve experienced a generation of tragedy following the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, The Wall reminds us that it is often when hope seems lost that God orchestrates extraordinary victory through ordinary people. In addition, The Wall shows that surprisingly, today is the perfect time for victory on behalf of our most innocent.

Using the biblical illustration of Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem, The Wall explores a modern wall of safety now rising; a wall that will provide hope for not only unborn children, but for their mothers and fathers as well.

Join author Kirk Walden as he brings Nehemiah’s story to life, and offers all of us an opportunity to accomplish the extraordinary: rebuilding a culture of life in America.

Be prepared to be inspired; and get ready to take your place in building The Wall.

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About the Author

Kirk Walden has more than 30 years of experience in the pro-life arena. His efforts span from political campaigns and public policy to his current work with hundreds of crisis pregnancy ministries across the United States.

After serving nine years as executive director of a crisis pregnancy center, in 2000 Kirk founded LifeTrends, a company that assists these centers in the areas of development, communication and vision-casting. Today LifeTrends’ flagship publication, The LifeTrends Connection, reaches more than 2000 pregnancy help centers and ministries in the U.S. and around the world.

In addition, Kirk shares his passion for life with audiences across the country. Through LifeTrends and his keynote presentations at fundraising events, Kirk has played a major role in raising more than $25 million for America’s pregnancy help centers in the last decade.

He and his wife Jennifer have five children and live near Nashville, Tennessee.

To invite Kirk to speak at your church or event, contact Ambassador Speakers Bureau (615.370.4700).

Join the Wall of Hope

The Wall of Hope Challenge is for those of us who believe that God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary tasks. Our mission is to create a new culture of life in America by raising the Wall of Hope built through pregnancy help centers to full height. Therefore, each of us on the Wall of Hope commits to:

Fund the pregnancy center of our choice with our regular financial gifts. Should enough of us make this commitment, no pregnancy help ministry will ever be without the funding needed to serve those who enter its doors.

Encourage at least three friends to join us in funding the Wall of Hope built through American’s pregnancy help centers. By involving others, we expand our base of support and strengthen every pregnancy help center in this country.

Consider how we might be able to assist these centers with our talents, abilities and professional expertise.

Have you joined the Wall of Hope? If so, use the form in the sidebar to sign up for regular updates and stories from an impossible task, made possible by ordinary people and an extraordinary God.

Build the Wall of Hope

Funding a pregnancy help center starts with finding those close to your home. The OptionLine web site directs you to a PHC in your area.

To give to a national organization that strengthens and supports PHCs across America, consider:


— Tell us your story of building the Wall of Hope

— Ask a question

— Share an idea

— Sign up for updates

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